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A game with a name

So that game I said I’m working on now has a name! Crown in the Keep.

Crown in the Keep is a 2D action-adventure-platform-puzzle game (which sounds amazing), or if you like it nice and simple; a metroidvania with puzzles.

The game is set in an open, Roman inspired kingdom, largely abandoned after a wizard and witch uprising 20 years earlier. Now filled with monsters and fast becoming overgrown, the capital city still holds clues about the events of the past.

Players take control of Ida, a young woman fostered in a small settlement on the outskirts of the kingdom, as she sets off for an adventure into the heart of the city. On her journey she’ll meet intriguing characters, encounter magical puzzles and face menacing monsters.

As she ventures deeper into the city, Ida will not only learn about the events of 20 years earlier, but she will also discover who her parents are and who she really is.

I’ve got some early concept art as well:

Hello, world!

Hello, world! I'm Geoff and welcome to my shiny new website. This is where I’ll be dropping updates about the game I’m working on. I’m still in the early days of concept development and don’t want to say too much just yet; but if you like platforms, monsters, puzzles and magic then there’s a good chance you’ll be interested in what I’m doing.

I’m hoping to get some juicy visuals up soon, but in the meantime you can follow me on Twitter.

What is Wondeluxe?

Wondeluxe is me, Geoff! I’ve been making games for well over 10 years and have contributed to a sprawling assortment of projects, from chart topping mobile games to children’s educational apps and digital art pieces that defy categorisation. For much of my career I’ve specialised in mini-games (like in that global mobile hit about dying in Dumb Ways), but I’ve always had the itch to work on something bigger of my own. Wondeluxe is my venture into doing just that!

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